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Course CSE534
Title Fundamentals of Computer Networks

Data Transmission: Introduction to Fourier analysis; Data coding & signals, noise, Nyquist's Theorem, Shannon's Theorem, bandwidth/baud rate/bit rate; Data multiplexing techniques (ASK, FSK, PSK); Modems, and modem standards & techniques (e.g: Trellis coding, etc), Data Link Layer: Protocols; Error detection & Correction; Flow control; etc, Network Layer: Protocols; Routing algorithms; Flow & congestion control; Error detection & correction; etc, Transport Layer: Protocols; Error detection & correction; Congestion control; etc., Quality-of-Service issues at the Network & Transport layer, Local Area Networks (including MAC; High-Speed LANs; Wireless LANs; Bridges; etc), High-Speed Networks (BISDN; ATM standard; etc)



Credit Information 3 - credits
Course Goals  
Course Webpage http://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/~cse534
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