Barbara Chapman: ' Need for Speed? How Advances in Programming Models and Their Implementation Help Applications Step on the Accelerator'

Friday, April 9, 2021 - 2:40pm to 3:40pm
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Many scientific, technical and engineering applications require exceptional amounts of compute power in order to achieve new insights, design new products and generate vital information in a limited amount of time.  The so-called supercomputers that they rely upon to meet their needs are extremely expensive, highly complex computing systems; considerable expertise is needed in order to create the application codes that can utilize their hardware effectively.  We discuss the state of the art in programming models for supercomputing, widely known as High Performance Computing (HPC), and how research at Stony Brook is contributing to their evolution.



Barbara Chapman is a Professor of Computer Science and is affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Computational Science of Applied Mathematics at Stony Brook University.  She also chairs the Computer Science and Mathematics Department at the US Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Dr. Chapman performs research on parallel programming models and their implementation; she is engaged in efforts to develop community standards for parallel programming, including OpenMP, OpenACC and OpenSHMEM.  Her research group contributes to the open source LLVM compiler infrastructure and provides a reference implementation of the OpenSHMEM standard. Dr. Chapman has co-authored over 200 papers and two books. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Queen’s University of Belfast. 


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