Javad Nejati PhD Thesis Proposal: 'Characterizing bottlenecks in Web Performance.'

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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There are more than 4 Billion Internet users and the World Wide Web is their main portal to access information. As a result, Web page performance is crucial in today’s Internet ecosystem. In this talk, I will present my work on characterizing mobile Web bottlenecks. To this end, I developed a testbed to directly compare the low-level page load activities and bottlenecks when loading a page on a mobile versus a non-mobile browser. Our tool (WProf-M) extracts fine-grained dependency relationships between web activities in order to construct the critical bottleneck path. We find that computation activities are the main bottleneck when loading a page on mobile browsers. In contrast, on desktop browsers, the network is the bottleneck.
 Next, I will present WProfX, an extension of WProf-M, that extracts the critical bottleneck when loading a page, but without requiring any changes to the browser. WProfX, uses low-level tracing information exposed by most major browsers to extract the relationship between page load activities. The result is that WProfX works with most major browsers and newer browser versions.  We extend our study to characterize the evolution of 8 popular mobile browsers over 4 years. We find that: (a) browsers have become more bloated, and older browsers are better performing compared to newer browsers, (b) Web pages have become more complex, (c) network impact has been saturated and improvement in network speeds have diminishing returns in terms of page performance, and (d) the perceived improvement in Web browsing performance today is largely due to more powerful underlying hardware and operating system.
 Finally, having established that computation is the main bottleneck in mobile Web performance, I study a browser implementation that offloads the computation load to the cloud. I evaluate a cloud based browser that processes page contents on the server side and compare its performance to a regular mobile browser.
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Javad Nejati PhD Thesis Proposal: 'Characterizing bottlenecks in Web Performance.'