Ph.D. Research Proficiency Presentation: Yoonsang Kim, 'Collaboration in Extended Reality'

Friday, September 9, 2022 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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Abstract: Virtual collaboration is playing an essential role in the era of Metaverse. The collaboration in Virtual Reality (VR) refers to the action of sharing ideas, coordinating opinions, and problem-solving in VR. Over the years, with the growing interests of Extended Reality (XR) derived from the introduction of the concept of Metaverse and with the success of myriads of Augmented Reality (AR) mobile applications, the demand for virtual collaboration has significantly increased. The property of virtual collaboration that enables a group of individuals to collaborate on a task without being co-located in the same physical space attracted people’s attention. Also, the rapid globalization and the inevitable global pandemic COVID-19 accelerated this tendency. In this report, we examine the essential components that constitute virtual collaboration. We explore the techniques used in virtual collaboration in previous studies and survey applications that utilize the advantages the virtual collaboration provides. We analyze the concept of virtual collaboration from the perspectives of visualization, interaction, devices-agnostic, and security/privacy. We further present our preliminary results based on the research we have conducted across the domain of storm disaster visualization, XR remote maintenance, and security/privacy.


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Ph.D. Research Proficiency Presentation: Yoonsang Kim, 'Collaboration in Extended Reality'