PhD Seminar: Annie Liu: "Distributed Computing: Logic, Algorithms, and Programming"

Friday, December 4, 2020 - 2:40pm to 3:40pm
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Abstract: A distributed system is a set of processes---or agents, parties, players,

entities, and so on---interacting with each other, in the presence of many

kinds of possible failures.  As distributed systems and distributed

modeling become increasingly indispensable, distributed algorithms and

protocols become essential to the core of computer science.

This talk shows how complex distributed algorithms can be expressed at a

high level, as we think logically in our daily lives, yet precisely, as we

write programs to be directly executable, thanks to Python and our

extension DistAlgo.  We use well-known algorithms for classical and

blockchain consensus as examples, Paxos and Bitcoin algorithms in

particular, among dozens of algorithms and variants from over 100 different

research and course projects.

We highlight the core of our work that allows us to better understand and

improve well-known distributed algorithms: modeling live objects with both

synchrony and asynchrony, expressing logical conditions as high-level

queries, and optimizing expensive computations by incrementalization.

Bio: Y. Annie Liu is Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

She received her BS from Peking University, MEng from Tsinghua University,

and PhD from Cornell University, all in Computer Science.

Her primary research is in languages and algorithms, and focuses especially

on systematic methods for design and optimization.  The methods are

centered around incrementalization---the discrete counterpart of

differentiation in calculus.  Her research in the past 10 years focuses on

languages and efficient implementations for distributed algorithms and

declarative system specifications.  She has strong other interests in

interactive environments, real-time and embedded systems, database,

knowledge representation and reasoning, reliable distributed systems, and

security.  She has published in many prestigious venues, taught in a wide

range of Computer Science areas, and presented over 100 conference and

invited talks worldwide.  She serves on the ACM Books Editorial Board as

the Area Editor for Programming Languages, and she is a member of IFIP WG

2.1 on Algorithmic Languages and Calculi.

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PhD Seminar: Annie Liu: "Distributed Computing: Logic, Algorithms, and Programming"