2019 Computer Science Grad Student Orientation Events - Schedule Now Available

The schedule for the 2019 Mandatory Computer Science (CS) Graduate Student Orientation on August 22nd, Mandatory orientation to all new MS students with pre-requisites (proficiencies) on August 23rd, Special Jobs/Internship Talk on August 30th, and the CSE 600 Grad Orientation Talks on September 13th and a date to be determined, are as follows. These events are also listed on our online calendar.


Time Event & Location
9:00 am -
9:30 am
Chair's welcoming remarks
Javits 100
Prof. Samir Das
9:30 am -
10:00 am
Computing Facilities and Staff introduction
Javits 100
Peter Ruland
10:00 am -
10:15 am
Computer Science Graduate Student Organization (CSGSO) remarks
Javits 100
Saeed Boor Boor and Sergey Madaminov
10:15 am -
10:30 am
Women in CS (WiCS) talk
Javits 100
Alisa Yurovsky
10:30 am -
10:45 am
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) remarks
Javits 100
Dr. Julian Pessier
11:00 am -
1:00 pm
Mandatory MS program orientation
Javits 100
(MS students only)
Prof. Erez Zadok
PhD program orientation
NCS 120
(PhD students only)
Prof. C.R. Ramakrishnan
1:00 pm -
2:30 pm
Lunch - NCS atrium
2:30 pm -
2:45 pm
MS student panel
Javits 100
(MS students only)
GSEU remarks
NCS 120
(PhD students only)
Anand Aiyer
2:45 pm -
4:00 pm
PhD student panel
NCS 120
(PhD students only)


FRIDAY, August 23, 2019

Time Event & Location
9 AM - 2.00 PM Mandatory orientation to all new MS students with pre-requisites (proficiencies) in NCS-120, Erez Zadok & CR Ramakrishnan


FRIDAY, August 30, 2019

Time Speaker Topic(s)
4 PM -5:30 PM Erez Zadok Special Jobs/Internships CSE600 Talk


CSE 600 Grad Orientation Talks

All talks will be in NCS 120 and are 20 minutes in length (including Q&A)


Time Speaker Topic(s)
2:30 pm Zhenhua Liu Systems, Algorithms, Learning, Energy
2:50 pm Paul Fodor Artificial Intelligence
3:10 pm Scott Smolka Verification, Control, Autonomous Systems
3:30 pm Dongyoon Lee Systems



Time Speaker Topic(s)
2:30 pm I.V. Ramakrishnan Accessible Computing, Health, IT
2:50 pm Niranjan Balasubramanian Natural Language Processing
3:10 pm Aruna Balasubramanian Mobile Systems and Networking
3:30 pm Amir Rahmati Security