Aug 20-21 - CS Graduate Student Orientation


Incoming graduate students are welcome to join the Department of Computer Science for orientation on August 20 and 21, 2015. Events are taking place in the new CS building, Student Activities Center (SAC), and Javits Lecture Center. The following schedule is full of exciting presentations and opportunities to meet fellow students and faculty:

Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015

8:30-9:30a        Breakfast and Check-in  (Lobby, CS Building)

9:30-10:00a      Chairman's Welcoming Remarks (Prof. Arie Kaufman, Javits 102)

10:00-10:40a    Systems and Computing Facilities (Ken Gladky or Peter Ruland, Javits 102)  

                         Library Facilities (Robert Tolliver) 

10:40a-11a       Break

11:00-12n         Overview of Faculty Research (Part I, Javits 102)

                         Formal Methods Research (Prof. Scott Smolka); Programming

                         Language Research (Prof. Annie Liu); Graph Methods for Studying Biological

                         Networks (Liangjia Zhu)

12-12:05p         Transitioning from M.S. to PhD (Prof. Mike Ferdman, Javits 102)                       

12:05-2:00p      BBQ Hosted by CS Graduate Student Council (Outside, CS building)

2:00-2:40p        Computer Science Graduate Student Council presented by Amoch Akshintala,

                         Reza Bassada and Chia-Che (Javits 102)  

                         Graduate Student Employees Union (John Martin, Javits 102)

3:00-5:00p        Overview of Faculty Research (Part II, Javits 102)

                         National Security Institute (Prof. Nick Nikiforakis)

                         Visual Computing Research (Prof. Dimitris Samaras) 

                         Systems and Security Research (Prof. Nima Honarmand) 

                         Networking Research (Prof. Aruna Balasubamanian)

                         Theoretical Computer Science Research (Prof. Rob Patro) 

                         Data Mining Research and its Impact at Large (Prof. Leman Akoglu)

5:30p                GSO Welcome Reception (Student Activities Center (SAC) Ballroom A)

Friday, Aug. 21, 2015

9:00-10:30a     PhD. Welcome and Review (Prof.I.V. Ramakrishnan, CS 120)

10:30-12:00n   MS Welcome and Review (Prof. Samir R. Das, Javits 102)

12:00-1:30p     Lunch (CS Lobby)

1:30-3:00p       Grad student Q&A Panel w/Prof. Don Porter (Javits 102)