Jan. 26 - New Time & Location - The Simpsons DLS - 11a, CS 2311



The Department of Computer Science (CS) is excited to welcome Jeff Westbrook, writer and co-executive producer for The Simpsons, as part of its Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS). On January 26, Westbrook will present Math and Science in The Simpsons and Futurama to the Stony Brook University community.

Westbrook is one of the surprising number of writers of The Simpsons and its sibling Futurama who have advanced degrees in math and science.  Over the years, they've included a lot of jokes that appeal to math and science aficionados. During this talk, Westbrook will explore some of these instances, and ask: what do proving theorems and writing cartoons have in common? Is it possible to interest kids in STEM by showing them network television?

After earning a PhD in computer science from Princeton University, Westbrook joined the faculty at Yale University and became a researcher for AT&T Research. In 1999 he took a job as a staff writer for the animated sci-fi comedy Futurama. He continued writing for television, and in 2005 he joined The Simpsons, at a time when the show was expected not to be renewed due to its “declining standards”. Ten years later the show is still going strong. Westbrook holds two patents, has over thirty published computer science papers, (which according to him, he cannot understand anymore!) and he has won several television honors, including three Writer’s Guild awards for animation writing.

The DLS is an annual tradition for the Department of Computer Science and the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT). DLS gives students, faculty, and the community an opportunity to learn the latest in computer science research while provoking new thoughts and ideas. Along with Westbrook, this year DLS participants include faculty from Cornell University and Stanford University.

Math and Science in The Simpsons and Futurama takes place January 26 at 2:30p in CEWIT, Room 200. For more information on upcoming programs, visit the CS website.

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