Oct. 30 - Samsung Comes to CS


Three key members of Samsung Semiconductor will present their latest storage and software research to the CS department tomorrow, October 30, at 11a.  Please join us in Room 120 of the new CS building as we welcome Yan Seok Ki, Michael Gaidis, and Praveen Krishnamoorthy (SBU CS Alum) to the department. Talk and biographical information are presented below. 

Title: Rethinking of computing from a fast storage perspective, Presented by Yan Seok Ki

As fast storage system based on flash has become popular, the traditional computing paradigm based on HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is being challenged. Even though SSD is a viable alternative to HDD, past experiences revealed that a simple replacement of HDD with SSD as a storage device could not deliver the potential benefits that the raw device promised. Since the assumption on HDD has been granted across H/W and S/W for long time, a solution to tackling this problem should be studied holistically and be able to leverage the inherent capabilities of SSDIn this talk, Dr. Ki presents how traditional computing problems can be reformulated and solved by abstracting and embedding system intelligence into SSD, and further introduces a new storage-centric computing paradigm called In-storage-compute. 

Dr. Yang Seok Ki (Yang-Suk Kee) is a director and architect of Memory Solutions Lab, Samsung Semiconductor Inc. America. He leads the Advanced Datacenter Solutions group whose main focus is to innovate the SSD ecosystem, and drives a storage-centric computing paradigm called Smart SSD. Before joining Samsung, he worked for Oracle server technology group that builds a distributed database server system, and contributed to Oracle 12c release. Prior to his industrial experience, he worked on HPDC (High Performance Distributed Computing), Grid, and Cloud research in Information Sciences Institute of University of Southern California and Center of Networked Systems, University of California, San Diego. He received his Ph.D. degree of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in parallel processing, his M.S. degree of Computer Engineering, and B.S. degree of Computer Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea.

U.S.-based Research at Samsung, Presented by: Michael Gaidis, PhD, Memory Solutions Lab

Michael is a graduate of Yale University and before joiing Samsung he was a member of the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and HGST, a digital company. Michael has a broad technical base in applied physics, electrical engineering, and data processing, He works collaboratively to focus on the release of novel nonvolatile memories for cache and storage, including ReRAM, MRAM, and related derivatives.

The Software Side of Things at Samsung, Presented by Praveen Krishnamoorthy, SBU Alum, Datacenter Solutions Group

Praveen Krishnamoorthy is a Staff Software Engineer in the Datacenter Solutions Group in Samsung Semiconductor Inc. He works on Storage Intelligence features for Samsung SSDs with the focus on identifying, optimizing and benchmarking applications for SSD.  Before joining Samsung, he worked for LSI – An Avago technology company as lead developer & maintainer of linux & VMware device drivers for LSI’s SAS & MegaRAID HBA products. He holds a M.S degree in Computer Science from State University of New York at Stony brook and BE from Anna University, India.  He was also a Research Assistant in the Secure Systems Lab under Prof. Sekar.