Podcast 4 - Loving the CS Honors Program

Thinking about applying to the Computer Science (CS) Honors Program at Stony Brook University? Or are you one of the select few who have made the cut and have been invited to join the CS Honors Program?

In this podcast, alumna Arianna Chen ’19 (currently at VMWare) interviews two students who were part of the CS Honors Program.  Miki, a double major who graduated in May ’19 and now works for a start up in California, is the first to share his thoughts on the honors program. He is followed by the former president of the Stony Brook Computing Society, Lise Ho. Lise also graduated in May ’19 and is now at Bloomberg in New York city.

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the podcasts and shared their tips for success. Learn more about the CS Honors Program including how to apply here.

Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud now.