Reserving Rooms Using Microsoft Outlook­

  1. From Outlook, click on the Calendar tab on the bottom of the application
  2. Right click on your calendar and then click on New Meeting Request
  3. On the new window that opens, click on the To… button
  4. In the address book drop down menu, select Global Address Book – Google Apps
  5. Click on the room you would like to reserve so it is highlighted and the click on the Resources -> button to select that room. When you are done, click OK
  6. In the To... field, the name of the reserved room will now appear. To invite other guests to the meeting, enter their email addresses separated by commas. You can also add email addresses through the global address book
  7. In the Subject field, set the name you would like to have appear on the calendar
  8. When you are done filling out the fields, click Send to send out your reservation
  9. The newly created appointment will now appear in your calendar. If you are subscribed to the room calendar, the reservation will appear here as well. Documentation for adding rooms can be found at the following link: