David R. Smith

It is with great sadness that the Department of Computer Science reports the loss of Dr. David R. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science. David, an active member and founder of the department, passed away August 29, 2015.

Smith received his Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin, Madison. He came to Stony Brook in 1966 and (with D. Tycko) established the computer science department in 1970. While at Stony Brook he published in the areas of combinational switching functions, shift register sequences, experimental parallel computer & chip architectures, hardware description languages, and hardware synthesis. During his tenure at SBU, he was interested in VLSI design tools. He was thought to be a guiding hand for students and faculty alike. Upon retiring, Smith set up a devoted to his fellow emeritus.

Please use this page to record your fond memories of Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Dave Smith. 


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