Vector graphic and image modeling research earns $499K NSF grant


Professor Hong Qin from the Department of Computer Science (CS) will use NSF funding to research novel methods for vectorization of arbitrary natural images and its applications.

Vector graphics are an important part of web design and image presentation. Affecting anything from image resolution, network bandwidth and animation, vector graphics are comprised of paths and mathematical commands instead of pixels which are found in your standard jpg images. Vector graphics offer a compact solution without sacrificing image representation.

Storage System Research to Improve Computer Network Education


CS Professor Erez Zadok received $130k from NSF to work with Harvey Mudd College on a national computer network system.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently announced close to $300,000 in funding for the project CI SUSTAIN: National File System Trace Repository. The project will help solve the challenge of providing researchers with sufficient data sets and traces to the system they are studying.

October 13 - Security and Privacy Day


Cyber security and privacy have taken center stage as a hot button issue in politics, business, and our personal lives. With threats of leaks and cyber terrorism looming, there has been a huge push for rapid innovations in the field.

Oct. 9 - Register now: Computer Science High School Open House


This year we are excited to once again offer high school students the opportunity to visit the Department of Computer Science (CS). Our CS Open House will take place on October 9th from 3-4p and it is geared toward students in grades 9-12 interested in studying computer science or information systems.

On October 9 high school students are invited to get a closer look at the department. Attendees will meet CS faculty and counselors from the Office of Admissions who will offer advice and information about becoming a Stony Brook student.

The event is taking place in the New Computer Science building and it will conclude at 4p following a tour of the new 70,000 square foot facility.

Shielding Against Cyber Attacks


Sekar and Polychronakis awarded $3.5M to address security vulnerabilities

The latest software development practices can turn out new programs and products in record time. However, with enhanced speed and convenience come “code bloat,” creating a larger attack surface with a proliferation of security vulnerabilities, just waiting for hackers. Recent advances in software development often result in the need for constant system updates or bug fixes. Failure to implement these “fixes,” as believed to be the case in the recent Equifax breach, cost the end-user time and money.

Off to GHC17: Three PhD Candidates Earn Grace Hopper Scholarships

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC17) is perhaps the world’s largest computing event for women. But alas, what would this prestigious event be without a Stony Brook Seawolf in attendance?

Thanks to scholarships from the Anita Borg Institute, three doctoral candidates from the Department of Computer Science (CS) will be at GHC17 in October, representing Stony Brook University along with another eight students supported with department funding.


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