NSF Funds Algorithm Research

Jie Gao receives $350k in ATD and NeTS funding

Multiple NSF Awards Fund Jie Gao’s Algorithm Research


The is one of the most prestigious organizations in the American science realm. With its dedication to supporting colleges throughout the nation, the NSF continues to help advance computer science research at Stony Brook University.

Faculty Colloq: Sleptsov Net Computing on Oct. 10


Join the Department of Computer Science as we welcome Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor, Dmitry Zaitsev, for the lecture Sleptsov Net Computing

Link to the talk video:  Video
Link to the talk slides:  Slides


Vector graphic and image modeling research earns $499K NSF grant


Professor Hong Qin from the Department of Computer Science (CS) will use NSF funding to research novel methods for vectorization of arbitrary natural images and its applications.

Vector graphics are an important part of web design and image presentation. Affecting anything from image resolution, network bandwidth and animation, vector graphics are comprised of paths and mathematical commands instead of pixels which are found in your standard jpg images. Vector graphics offer a compact solution without sacrificing image representation.

Storage System Research to Improve Computer Network Education


CS Professor Erez Zadok received $130k from NSF to work with Harvey Mudd College on a national computer network system.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently announced close to $300,000 in funding for the project CI SUSTAIN: National File System Trace Repository. The project will help solve the challenge of providing researchers with sufficient data sets and traces to the system they are studying.


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