Nima Honarmand

Nima Honarmand
Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science
Room 339
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2424

(631) 632-1522
nhonarmand [at]


Computer System Design, emphasizing Parallel Computer Architecture and Operating Systems.


Dr. Honarmand did his Ph.D. under the supervision of Josep Torrellas, in the i-acoma group of the CS Department of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For his Ph.D., he worked on various aspects of "Record and Deterministic Replay" of parallel programs on multi-processor systems in order to make parallel programming easier.


Computer Architecture, Parallel Computer Architecture, Operating System Design, Programmability and Programming Models for Emerging Architectures


2014: W. J. Poppelbaum Memorial Award for academic merit and creativity in the field of computer architecture, Dept. of CS, UIUC; 2012: Feng Chen Memorial Award for Best Paper in PACT’11, Dept. of CS, UIUC; 2012: Qualcomm Qualstar Hall of Fame for a significant contribution to a new distributed mobile-computing platform and the design of a new programming model, Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley (Summer Internship);

Teaching Summary

CSE 506 (Fall'14): Operating Systems