Information Systems University Requirements

The B.S. degree in Information Systems requires successful completion of 120 credit hours of passing work with a grade point average of 2.0 or above. The University requires that at least 39 of the required credits must be earned in upper division classes (numbered 300 or above). Stony Brook University requires the successful completion of a set of general education courses, referred to as the Diversified Education Curriculum (DEC). Although it is a University requirement, there are some variations for specific colleges within the University and within departments. The DEC requirements for the B.S. Degree in Information Systems are:


  • DEC A1 - English Composition
  • DEC A2 - English Composition
  • DEC B - Interpreting Texts in the Humanities
  • DEC C - Mathematical and Statistical Reasoning
  • DEC D - Understanding the Fine and Performing Arts
  • DEC E1 - Natural Sciences
  • DEC E2 - Natural Sciences
  • DEC F - Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • DEC G - Humanities
  • DEC H - Implications of Science and Technology
  • DEC I - European Traditions
  • DEC J - The World Beyond European Traditions
  • DEC K - American Pluralism