Information on Registration for ISE Courses

General Instructions

Students who meet the stated course prerequisites will usually be able to advance register via SOLAR. But since transfer credit information is currently not entered on a student’s academic record, transfer students need to get the instructor’s permission to enroll in a ISE course. The following guidelines apply to most ISE courses:

  1. Obtain a Permission to Enroll form, also available at the Computer Science Undergraduate Office.
  2. Complete the form and get it signed by the instructor. The instructor will want to see proof that you meet the prerequisite, i.e., in the case of ISE courses, a copy of the relevant transfer course evaluation form.
  3. Hand in the signed form at the Computer Science Undergraduate Office.
  4. You will usually get permission to enroll within a day and may add the course to your schedule via SOLAR.

Permission to Enroll Form

Department Petitions are now handled via an online form. For any petition requests which can not be addressed via the online form, see an academic advisor to discuss your concerns.