Getting Started Migrating from Exchange to Google Apps

  1. You must first reset your Stony Brook Computer Science Mailbox password.  You can do this in one of three ways:
  2. After changing your password you will be able to log in to your GMAIL account. To log in, navigate to You must log in with your Stony Brook Computer Science email address ( and password. You should notify the CS Systems Staff so your mail can be forwarded from exchange to GMAIL as this is the only way mail will be able to get to your new GMAIL inbox. This will also include migrating all of your current mail in your exchange mailbox. 
  3. After notifying the staff you will receive a response.  This response will tell you that you are fully migrated over to Google.  You now will be able to send/receive mail along with setup forwarding if you would like.
  4. Depending on the clients you are using, we have FAQ’s which we can send to you at this stage.