Report Problems

How can I report requests or problems?

All System related requests/problems are reported using RT, the Request Tracker system, via sending an email to RT

The RT system should be used to report problems with the main department computing systems (your host, file systems, printers, network connectivity). It cannot be used to report building related issues (no heat/light/ventilation/bathroom malfunctions). Non-system related issues should be emailed to Kathy directly.

RT cannot be used for requests such as requisitions, course room changes, office supplies, grade changes, room reservations, payroll issues, tuition issues, reimbursements and building management needs.

The first time you access RT system through the website you will be required to login. Faculty can request for a login by sending an email to RT.

While sending an email to RT, describe in detail the problem you face, and your sense of urgency. The subject line of your email should clearly state the type of OS involved, the general area (eg. email, network, software, hardware, windows, linux, web, database or mac). Smart filter on subject line keyword assigns the ticket to a queue and a systems staff member.

There are extra RT aliases such as rt-web, rt-database, rt-windows, rt-printing, rt-mac, rt-email, rt-unix, rt-cvc, and rt-network.  Using these aliases (e.g. RT-EMAIL AT CS DOT SUNYSB DOT EDU), tickets get automatically assigned to the right queue and person, which could speed up their resolution.

NOTE: For all CEWIT issues, send email directly to (Bin Zhang) at CEWIT and/or (Paul S. Wu) at CEWIT