The "mailto:" Tag

How can I avoid using the "mailto:" tag on my website to prevent spam?

Spam Robots or Spiders "crawl" the Internet searching for "mailto:" tags. To create a clickable "mailto:" hyperlink that is spam resistant, use the following JavaScript on your web pages.

<!-- Begin
user = "myusername";
site = "";
document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + user + '@' + site + '\">');
document.write('Email me!' + '</a>');
// End -->

This will result in a "mailto:" like this: (Email me!)

Steps to create a clickable "mailto:" hyperlink:

  1. Copy and insert the above JavaScript into your html source code at the mailto: insertion point.
    Note: Some html authoring tools may require you to use an automated tool for inserting the JavaScript 
    (e.g., Insert > Script Object in Dreamweaver).
  2. Edit the script to include the user name and mail host.
    For example, suppose email should be sent to Within the script, the lines that read:
    user = "myusername";
    site = "";
    must be changed to:
    user = "jdoe";
    site = "";
  3. Save your html file. The JavaScript will generate a clickable link that reads "Email me!"