Popular CS Courses Receive S-Bold Award to Move Online

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Kevin McDonnell

Paul Fodor

​Professors Paul Fodor and Kevin McDonnell were one of five teams to receive the Stony Brook Online Learning Development Initiative (S-BOLD) award sponsored by the University President and Provost.

The goal of the winning computer science S-BOLD award is to develop a submission and automatic testing Web system for computer science programming assignments, and to show its usability in the online instruction of CSE 101 (Introduction to Computers) and CSE 114 (Computer Science I). A comprehensive online programming lab learning environment will be developed where students will be able to receive immediate feedback on their code; identify logic errors; access correct running solutions submitted by the instructor or other students; and view step-by-step video tutorials for extra help (in effect, making coding less intimidating and more fun). Instructor tools will include: a repository of questions for students; the ability to select problems for assignments, set deadlines, monitor and assess student learning; and an ability to determine common student errors.

With approximately 400 students who enroll in each of these classes each semester, the online availability of these very popular CSE courses will aid students from all majors in completing the SBU curriculum and degree requirements, as well as for those who intend to become a CSE or ISE major or minor.

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