CSE Courses

CSE Courses

(Subject to change)

Course Name Course Title Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
CSE101 Introduction to Computers

CSE102 Introduction to Web Design and Programming

CSE110 Introduction to Computer Science
CSE114 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

CSE130 Introduction to Programming in C
CSE150 Foundations of Computer Science: Honors

CSE160 Computer Science A: Honors

CSE161 Lab for Comp Sci A: Honors

CSE190-192 Special Topics in Computer Science
CSE214 Data Structures

CSE215 Foundations of Computer Science

CSE216 Programming Abstractions

CSE219 Computer Science III
CSE220 System Fundamentals I

CSE230 Intermediate Programming in C and C++
CSE260 Computer Science B: Honors

CSE261 Laboratory for Computer Science B: Honors

CSE300 Technical Communications

CSE301 History of Computing

CSE303 Introduction to the Theory of Computation

CSE304 Compiler Design
CSE305 Principles of Database Systems

CSE306 Operating Systems

CSE307 Principles of Programming Languages

CSE308 Software Engineering

CSE310 Computer Networks

CSE311 Systems Administration

CSE312 Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues in Information Systems

CSE316 Fundamentals of Software Development

CSE320 System Fundamentals II

CSE323 Human Computer Interaction

CSE325 Computers and Sculpture
CSE327 Fundamentals of Computer Vision

CSE328 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

CSE331 Fundamentals of Computer Security

CSE332 Introduction to Visualization

CSE333 User Interface Development

CSE334 Introduction to Multimedia Systems

CSE336 Internet Programming

CSE337 Scripting Languages

CSE346 Computer Communications

CSE350 Theory of Computation: Honors

CSE351 Introduction to Data Science

CSE352 Artificial Intelligence

CSE353 Machine Learning

CSE354 Natural Language Processing

CSE355 Computational Geometry

CSE356 Cloud Computing

CSE357 Statistical Methods for Data Science

CSE360 Software Security
CSE361 Web Security

CSE362 Mobile Security
CSE363 Offensive Security

CSE364 Advanced Multimedia Techniques
CSE366 Introduction to Virtual Reality
CSE370 Wireless and Mobile Networking
CSE371 Logic

CSE373 Analysis of Algorithms

CSE376 Advanced System Programming in UNIX/C

CSE377 Introduction to Medical Imaging

CSE378 Introduction to Robotics

CSE380 Computer Game Programming

CSE381 Advanced Game Programming

CSE385 Analysis of Algorithms: Honors

CSE390-394 Special Topics in Computer Science

CSE416 Software Engineering

CSE475 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum
CSE487 Research in Computer Science
CSE488 Internship in Computer Science
CSE495 Senior Honors Research Project I
CSE496 Senior Honors Research Project II