Summer and Fall 2021 Academic Advising Online Petition Forms

Requests for the Fall 2021 term are no longer being considered.

To seek permission to enroll in a CSE or ISE course, please complete the form that corresponds with your request. In order for your request to be considered, all required course prerequisites must be successfully completed. Before submitting your request, you are strongly encouraged to review the Undergraduate Bulletin.

A number of CSE and ISE courses have seats reserved for specific populations of students. A petition request will not be considered if you encounter a “reserve error” upon enrollment.  

NOTE: Each of the forms below allows you to request permission for specific CSE or ISE courses. If the course for which you are seeking permission is not on the corresponding form, you are not permitted to enroll in the course.

Failure to complete the appropriate form will result in your request being automatically denied. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your request to be reviewed. Some requests will not be reviewed until specified dates. See below for details. You will be notified of the decision via email. Please be advised, requests are not guaranteed to be approved and all decisions made by the committee are final.

Enrollment in CSE 416, Fall 2021 

  • Applicable for students who need to enroll in CSE 416 as a course substitution for CSE 308.

  • You are not guaranteed enrollment in your preferred section.

  • If you are not graduating in Fall 2021, your request will be tabled until all degree candidates have been accommodated. 

Third Attempt Support Request, Fall 2021

  • If your request is granted, you will need to follow up with the appropriate advising office to submit a course retake petition to the relevant Committee on Academic Standing and Appeals. 

  • Support from the CSE department does not guarantee that your petition will be approved.

Declared CSE Majors Fall 2021 

  • You must explain why you are unable to register for the course without permission. 

  • If you are looking to enroll in CSE 416 in lieu of CSE 308, this is not the correct form and your request will not be considered! Please use the form specific to that request.  

Declared ISE Majors, Fall 2021 

  • You must explain why you are unable to register for the course without permission.

Declared CSE and ISE Minors, Fall 2021 

  • To request permission to take a CSE or ISE course that has a CSE or ISE major prerequisite.

  • These requests are reviewed after all students in the major have been accommodated and notification of the status of this request may therefore be delayed. 

TSM Majors with declared CSE/ISE Specialization, Fall 2021 

  • If the specialization is not reflective on your record, your request will not be considered. 

All Other CEAS Programs, Fall 2021 

  • If you are planning to declare a CSE or ISE major/minor, you may not submit this form until a decision has been made in regards to your major admission.

Non-CEAS Majors, General/Undeclared Students, Fall 2021 

  • Requests for enrollment in CSE 101, 114, 214 and 215 will not be considered. 

  • Requests are not considered until the start of the semester, pending available space. 

International Student Exchange, Fall 2021 

  • You must submit syllabi of completed prerequisite coursework and an unofficial copy of your transcript from your home institution.