Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Course Name Course Title Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017
CSE500 Patterns in Programming
CSE502 Computer Architecture

CSE504 Compiler Design

CSE505 Computing with Logic

CSE506 Operating Systems

CSE507 Computational Linguistics
CSE508 Network Security

CSE509 Computer System Security

CSE510 Hybrid Systems
CSE511 Brain and Memory Modeling
CSE512 Machine Learning

CSE515 Introduction to Transaction Processing Systems
CSE519 Data Science Fundamentals

CSE522 Special Project in Computer Science

CSE523 Advanced Project in Computer Science I

CSE524 Advanced Project in Computer Science II

CSE525 Introduction to Robotics
CSE526 Principles of Programming Languages

CSE527 Introduction to Computer Vision

CSE528 Computer Graphics

CSE529 Simulation and Modeling

CSE530 Geometric Foundations for Graphics & Visualization
CSE532 Theory of Database Systems

CSE533 Network Programming

CSE534 Fundamentals of Computer Networks

CSE535 Asynchronous Systems

CSE536 Introduction to User Interface Development

CSE537 Artificial Intelligence

CSE540 Theory of computation

CSE541 Logic in Computer Science

CSE542 Speech Processing
CSE544 Prob/Stat for Data Scientists

CSE545 Big Data Analytics

CSE547 Discrete Mathematics

CSE548 Analysis of Algorithms

CSE549 Computational Biology

CSE555 Computational Geometry

CSE564 Visualization

CSE570 Wireless and Mobile Networks

CSE577 Medical Imaging

CSE587 Proficiency Requirement in Computer Science

CSE590-592 Advanced Topics in Computer Science

CSE593 Independent Study in Computer Science

CSE594-595 Advanced Topics in Computer Science

CSE596 Internship in Research

CSE599 M.S. Thesis Research

Ph.D Teaching and Research Experience

Course Name Course Title Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017
CSE696 Ph.D. Internship in Research

CSE698 Practicum in Teaching

CSE699 Ph.D. Dissertation Research

CSE700 Dissertation Research off Campus - Domestic students

CSE701 Dissertation Research off Campus - International students

CSE800 Full Time Summer Research