Admission to the Graduate Program​

To apply to our graduate program, please fill out this online application. Your application requires all of the following:

  • A statement of purpose, describing your interests and motivation to pursue a graduate degree.
  • A resume or CV, describing your work experience, academic projects, and areas of expertise.
  • Three recommendation letters, from academia or industry. All recommendation letters should be submitted online. For Ph.D. applicants, we highly recommend that a majority of the letters be from academia.
  • Scanned transcripts, please make sure transcript scans are clear and legible or your application will not be reviewed.
  • Test scores, please have ETS send your official GRE score to Stony Brook University (institution code: 2548); if your native language is not English, please have ETS send your official TOEFL score to Stony Brook University (institution code: 2548). If you took IELTS instead of TOEFL, please provide a scan of your IELTS scorecard into your ApplyYourself online application.

Do not send any paper documents until you receive a specific request. After a review process, students deemed admissible will be asked to have their official transcripts sent to us by postal service. Please do not send us any hard copy documents until and unless you receive such a request, as paper documents tend to obstruct admissions processes and will likely delay the processing of your file.

For additional information, please check our FAQ and the Graduate School's admission web pages.


Semester M.S. Program   Ph.D. Program

Spring 2019

November 01, 2018 November 01, 2018

Fall 2019

December 01, 2018

 January 15, 2019





Note: Domestic applications for Spring 2019 may continue to be accepted till Decemeber 15, 2018.

Applications for Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 are currently available in the ApplyYourself application portal.  

Most Ph.D. students are admitted for the Fall term, but a handful may be admitted for the Spring term as well. A majority of the M.S. applications are also received for the Fall term. Late applications may not receive full consideration, especially for financial support.


The Ph.D. program is intended for students who wish to pursue a research-oriented career. Admission to this program is highly competitive, and the applicants must have the intention of completing the program. All students admitted on a full-time basis to the Ph.D. program are offered attractive financial support in the form of teaching or research assistantships and fellowships, together with tuition waivers.

The M.S. program is intended for students seeking advanced positions in the software industry. Applicants that already have a Master's (or doctoral) degree in Computer Science are not eligible. Students admitted to the M.S. program are not offered financial support by the department, but some of our best M.S. students do find partial or full research assistantships from CS faculty or some other department on campus. Information regarding tuition and other costs can be found here. We receive a large number of applications, so we can admit only a fraction of them.


Admission to the graduate program requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or a closely related field), with courses covering all core CS topics, including: computer organization or architecture, automata and computability theory, data structures, algorithms, databases, programming languages, operating systems and networks. If the student does not have a degree in computer science, he/she must demonstrate this proficiency via junior/senior undergraduate level coursework or relevant job/project experience covering these areas.

Students of exceptional promise with non-standard background or who lack certain requirements may be considered for admission to the program on a provisional basis. These students will typically need to take additional CS courses as specified in their offer letter.