ISE Courses

ISE Courses

Course Name Course Title Spring 2019 Summer 2019 Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Fall 2020
ISE102 Introduction to Web Design and Programming

ISE108 Introduction to Programming
ISE208 Intermediate Programming
ISE215 Foundations of Computer Science
ISE218 Fundamentals of Information Technology

ISE300 Technical Communications

ISE301 H: History of Computing
ISE305 Database Design and Practice

ISE311 Systems Administration

ISE312 Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues in Information Systems (Crosslisted with CSE 312)

ISE315 Database Transaction Processing Systems (Crosslisted with CSE315)
ISE316 Introduction to Networking

ISE317 Computer Networking II
ISE320 Information Management
ISE321 Network Administration

ISE323 Human-Computer Interaction

ISE325 Computers and Sculpture
ISE331 Fundamentals of Computer Security

ISE332 Introduction to Visualization (Crosslisted with CSE332)
ISE333 User Interface Development
ISE334 Introduction to Multimedia Systems (Crosslisted with CSE334)

ISE337 Scripting Languages (Crosslisted with CSE337)

ISE340 Design of Computer Games

ISE364 Advanced Multimedia Techniques (Crosslisted with CSE364)
ISE377 Introduction to Medical Imaging
ISE378 Introduction to Robotics
ISE390-392 Special Topics in Information Systems

ISE475 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum (Crosslisted with CSE475)

ISE487 Research in Information Systems (Crosslisted with CSE487)

ISE488 Information Systems Internship (Crosslisted with CSE488)