Teaching Assistants Evaluation and Responsibilities

All teaching assistants are expected to behave professionally and take their teaching responsibilities seriously.

  1. A full-time TA is expected to work up to 20 hours a week. However, it is understood that this load is not distributed evenly during the semester. In the first few weeks, the load is usually much less than 20 hours. The load tends to increase towards the semester end.
  2. If it becomes apparent that the average load constantly exceeds 20 hours per week, the student should discuss the problem with the supervisor.
  3. A TA must be familiar with the concepts and course material. TAs must prepare designated material and understand and assist with the everyday operation of the course. TAs are required to attend the lectures, unless excused by their supervisor.
  4. A TA must understand and follow course standards, set by the supervisor.
  5. A TA must be reliable. Perfect attendance is expected in classes, assigned recitation, laboratory and help sessions, office hours, TA meetings, and proctoring. If a TA can't meet a responsibility, they must inform their supervisor and where appropriate must find a substitute acceptable to their supervisor.
  6. A TA must be prepared for all recitations, labs, meetings, etc.
  7. A TA must treat all students with courtesy regardless of gender, race or ethnic background.
  8. A TA must not initiate or maintain inappropriate relationships with students. These include romantic, sexual, or financial. Such abuses of power are prohibited by the University.
  9. A TA must have proficiency in English sufficient for communication with students.
  10. A TA must grade consistently and fairly, according to the course standards determined by the course instructor.
  11. At the end of each semester, a TA must stay around as long as necessary to help the supervisor with grading exams, labs, and other assignments.
  12. A TA must complete grading and other assigned duties promptly based upon the standards and guidelines set by their supervisor.
  13. A TA must take the designated graduate teaching assistant training classes.

If a TA fails to satisfy any of the above responsibilities, their supervisor will meet with them to rectify any problems. If problems persist, the TA must meet with the Director of Graduate Studies and further actions might be taken.

TA Evaluation:

Each TA will be evaluated by the supervisor as follows:

  • Excellent, well-above expectations
  • Very good Good, meets expectations
  • Below expectations
  • Unsatisfactory, well-below expectations

TAs who perform below expectations may see their support terminated in the following semester