Honors in Computer Science




The advantages of a private education at a fraction of the cost!

  1. Attend small classes
  2. Speed through the core sequence
  3. Participate in personalized academic advising sessions
  4. Get priority registration for computer science courses
  5. Take advanced special topics courses
  6. Enjoy honors social events with other students and faculty
  7. Interact with other like-minded students

The advantages of a world famous research university!

  1. Receive personal attention from award winning faculty
  2. Obtain preferential admission to the joint B.S./M.S. program in CS
  3. Participate in internships and research projects
  4. Get help finding academic scholarships
  5. Graduate with the degree B.S. with Honors in Computer Science


Students must satisfy the standard computer science graduation requirements, however, the core curriculum is accelerated for honors students. Additional requirements include:

  1. Senior honors project, CSE495 and CSE496, under the close supervision of a computer science faculty member.
    • Project defense to the honors committee, which assigns grades in consultation with the project advisor.
    • A grade of B+ or higher for the Senior Honors Project
    • To request enrollment in CSE 495, please complete this form.
    • To request enrollment in CSE 496, please complete this form
  2. A GPA of 3.50 or higher, both overall and in computer science courses.
  3. Three additional computer science honors courses or graduate courses. The Teaching Practicum CSE475 may be substituted for one honors course.
    • With a GPA of 3.75 or higher, both overall and in CSE classes, only one honors or graduate course is required (helping students join CS Honors later in their SBU career)

Comparison of the Core Curricula

Topic Honors CS Sequence Regular CS Sequence
Theory CSE150, CSE350, CSE385 CSE215, CSE303, CSE373
Programming CSE160, CSE260 CSE114, CSE214, CSE216
Senior Project CSE495, CSE496


The honors curriculum offers students a small, caring environment inside a large research university, with all the advantages of both. Students attend small classes taught by award-winning faculty and have the opportunity for personal attention from faculty both in classes and through research projects. Students meet and interact with like-minded students from diverse backgrounds. Experience with computer science at the high school level is not required for CS honors, only an interest in this exciting and continually growing field.

Honors courses include:

  • CSE150 - Foundations of Computer Science – Honors (4 credits)
  • CSE160 - Computer Science A – Honors (4 credits)
  • CSE260 - Computer Science B – Honors (4 credits)
  • CSE350 - Theory of Computation – Honors (4 credits)
  • CSE385 - Analysis of Algorithms – Honors (4 credits)

CSE Honors Sample Course Sequence 1 (For students that have no Calculus requirements and have already satisfied WRT 101)

CSE Honors Sample Course Sequence 2 (For students that have need to take AMS 151, AMS 161 and WRT 101)

Other advanced courses are offered on selected topics such as Robotics, Computer Security, Gaming, Visualization, and more. The curriculum can be combined with the five year B.S./M.S. program.