Course ISE331
Title Fundamentals of Computer Security
Credits 3
Course Coordinator Rob Kelly

The course will introduce the concepts and terminology of computer security in addition to describing attacks against computer infrastructure and typical defenses against such attacks. The course will outline security policies and procedures used by enterprises and will introduce tools and techniques used by both attackers and defenders.


ISE 218 or CSE 220; Corequisite: ISE 316 or CSE 310 or ESE 346

Course Outcomes
  • Be conversant with the terminology and concepts of computer security
  • Understand security threats to enterprise data
  • Be familiar with strategies used to protect enterprise data
Major Topics Covered in Course
  • Security Overview
  • Cryptography
  • Physical Security
  • Network Security
  • Attack strategies and defense strategies
  • Case Studies
  • Special topics
Laboratory Projects


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