Course CSE593
Title Independent Study in Computer Science
Credits 1--9 repetitive credits -- G4 students, 1-3 credits all others
Course Coordinator

Students can register for this course in order to conduct research or participate in a project under the supervision of a Computer Science faculty member. The student must prepare a description of the project to be taken and submit it before the add/drop deadline to the project sponsor. The description will reside in the student's file. Both M.S. and Ph.D. students can take this course. This course cannot be taken as part of M.S. Thesis research --- use CSE 599 in that case. Ph.D. students may take CSE 593 for any kind of research or project work prior to advancement to candidacy (G5 status). After the advancement, CSE 699 should be used to conduct Dissertation Research. G4 students can register for up to 9 credits of CSE 593 in any semester. G1--G3 students can register for up to 3 credits of CSE 593 in any semester.

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