Course CSE380
Title 2D Game Programming
Credits 3
Course Coordinator

Richard McKenna


An introduction to the fundamental concepts of computer game programming. Students design and develop original games for PCs applying proven game design and software engineering principles.

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CSE 216 or CSE 220 or CSE 260; CSE major

Course Outcomes
  • An ability to integrate technologies such as multimedia, artificial intelligence, and physics modeling into a cohesive, interactive game application.
  • An understanding of the principles of game design that make for a playable experience.
  • An ability to use software engineering, team project management, and prototype presentation principles in a game development context.

  • Robert Nystrom, Game Programming Patterns, Genever Benning, 2014
  • Kouichi Matsuda, Rodger Lea, WebGL Programming Guide, Addison-Wesley, 2013

Major Topics Covered in Course
  • Game Memory Management
  • Multithreading in Games
  • GUI programming for games
  • Tile-based graphics
  • Sprites & bitmap animation
  • Collision detection
  • Page & side scrolling algorithms
  • Differing game types, modes, & perspectives
  • Game & level design
  • Rapid prototyping & game testing
  • Path finding algorithms
  • Game project management
  • Game design documentation
  • Game program architecture
  • Sound & Music
  • Game input devices
  • Artificial Intelligence in games
  • Physics based modeling
  • Optimization techniques
  • Gaming industry issues
  • Computer game history

Laboratory Projects

See current course webpage for more information.

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