Computer Science Grad Student Organization Wins Outstanding Organization Award



In recognition of their work during the past academic year, the Computer Science Graduate Student Organization (CS GSO) has been awarded the Outstanding Organization Award by the Stony Brook Graduate Student Organization (GSO). The award, normally given during the annual student life award ceremony, was presented digitally due to COVID-19 restrictions by Xiaoqing Zhang, President of GSO.

This award exemplifies what we can achieve when we work together and support each other. Unfortunately, we are far from the point that faculty and the university recognize our graduate students' rights. We can only reach that point by having a strong student representation, said Mina Abbasi Dinani, CS GSO President.

CS Department GSO SenatorsGagan Somashekhar and Sergey Madaminov coordinated a team of students toorganize temporary storage in the Old Computer Science Building. This mutual aid program was for graduate students who had to leave on short notice during the 3 months of COVID lockdown