Computing Labs

The new Computer Science building is open 7a-8p M-F and the old CS building hours are 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM, Monday-Sunday. The laboratory facilities are regularly upgraded to keep pace with advances in technology. Current computing facilities include the Undergraduate Computing Laboratory with approximately 40 modern X86 based systems; the Programming Techniques Teaching Laboratory with approximately 47 modern X86 based systems and facilities for classroom instruction; the Computer Associates Transactions Laboratory, used primarily for upper-level courses on databases, transaction processes, and Web applications; the Computer Science Advanced Programming Laboratory, also donated by Computer Associates, Inc., which provides computing support for upper-level courses on such topics as operating systems and user interfaces; and the Computer Science Multimedia Laboratory, used for courses on Multimedia design. All of the laboratories are connected to the internet via a fiber optic link to the campus network and most are accessible by students from campus residences and off-campus.



 Undergraduate Computing Lab
 Multimedia Lab
 Computer Associates Transaction Processing Lab (Translab)
 Advanced Programming Lab
 Programming Techniques Teaching Lab
 2120 Teaching Lab
 SINC Site



 Graduate Pub Lab
 Graduate Windows Lab (Gradlab)
 Graduate Laptop Access Room
 Graduate Student Lounge