Eclipse CDT Output

How to configure Eclipse CDT output?

  1. When creating a new project go to File->New->C++ Project

  2. Under Toolchains in this window please select MinGW GCC. Then proceed to Name your project and select an empty or Hello world project and click Finish. 


  3. Go to Project->Properties->C\C++ Build (On the lefthand side of the window)\Settings
  4. In the middle of this window towards the bottom you will see MinGW C++ Linker, click the Miscellaneous option.
  5. On the right hand side of the window towards the top you will see a text field names Linker Flags.
  6. Here please type “-static-libgcc “ make some spaces and then in the same textbox type “-static-libstdc++ “ then click the Apply button.

  7. Add some classes to your project and then compile them using “CTRL+B” or by navigating to Project and “Build all”. 

  8. Your program should be able to run and compile now given that you do not have syntactical or logical errors.