FTP ls Listing

When I ftp to ftp.cs.sunysb.edu (or some other ftp server) ls does not give me a full directory listing?

Some ftp clients improperly use the NLST and LIST commands. NLST was intended to show files only for retrieval using the mget command. LIST was intended to show everything in human-readable form. Earlier versions of the wu-ftpd did not correctly interpret the RFC which defines these commands and many ftp clients were written incorrectly and do not use the definitions in the RFC. Starting wu-ftpd 2.6.0, the interpretation of NLST versus LIST ftp commands has been changed to what is the right interpretation. NLST lists retrievable files for the ftp mget command, LIST lists all files for a human reader. To see how your ftp client implements these commands, issue help ls and help dir at the ftp prompt.