Biomedical Informatics Talk: The Planet of the Apps

Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 16:00 to 17:00
Health Sciences Center, Level 2, Lecture Hall 3

Presenter: Jonas S. Almeida, BMI Professor and CTO

The Planet of the Apps: Web Computing for Scalable Research Informatics

The emergence of the Web Platform as the dominant vehicle for consumer informatics has created opportunities for disseminating research applications at a truly global scale, and in a manner that a) persists in time, b) requires minimal maintenance, c) delivers reproducible analyses, and d) is much safer than the conventional model where the data leaves protected environments. There is, as always, a price to pay: many algorithms and the underlying mathematical models require extensive re-identification. The rewards,
however, are substantial, particularly with the advancement of Open Data resources (for a peek, see ). This presentation will illustrate the opportunities and challenges of this approach with examples from ongoing research projects in genomics, public health, and image analysis.

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Biomedical Informatics Talk: The Planet of the Apps