DLS & CSE 600: Carla P. Gomes, Cornell University

Friday, March 10, 2017 - 14:30 to 16:00
Room 120, New Computer Science Building, Room 120 (105 Seats)

Challenges for AI in Computational Sustainability

Computational sustainability is a new interdisciplinary research field with the overarching goal of developing computational models, methods, and tools to help manage the balance between environmental, economic, and societal needs for a sustainable future. I will provide an overview of computational sustainability, with examples ranging from wildlife conservation and biodiversity, to poverty mitigation, to materials discovery for renewable energy materials. I will also highlight cross-cutting computational themes and challenges for AI at the intersection of constraint reasoning, optimization, machine learning, citizen science, and crowdsourcing.

Carla P. Gomes is a Professor of Computer Science and the director of the Institute for Computational Sustainability at Cornell University. Her research area is Artificial Intelligence with a focus on large-scale constraint-based reasoning, optimization, and machine learning. Recently, she has become deeply immersed in the establishment of new field of Computational Sustainability.

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DLS & CSE 600: Carla P. Gomes, Cornell University