Guest Speaker, Parasara Sridhar Duggirala, Univ. of CT

Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30
Room 120 (105 Seats)

Title: Scalable Dynamic Analysis for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Abstract: Safety critical Cyber-Physical Systems such as autonomous vehicles, power-grids, medical devices, etc. often employ a control strategy to prevent unsafe behaviors. It is hence very important to prove safety guarantees of such control strategies. In many instances, the physical behavior of these CPS are provided as solutions of linear differential equations. In this talk, I will present a new technique for dynamic analysis technique for verifying safety properties of such CPS. An interesting aspect of this dynamic analysis technique is that it requires a mere n+1 sample behaviors for verifying the correctness of a CPS with n variables. We have extended this dynamic analysis technique to accommodate mode-switches and disturbance inputs from the environment. The resulting verification technique is highly scalable and we have efficiently verified a 10,000 dimensional system, which is 2 orders of magnitude improvement over the state-of-the-art tools.

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Guest Speaker, Parasara Sridhar Duggirala, Univ. of CT