Hillcrest High School Visit

Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 10:00 to 14:00
New Computer Science-1-Room 120 (105 Seats) (105)

Hillcrest High School, from Jamaica, NY, returns to Stony Brook for a third year in a row. A diverse high school with a strong computer science program, their goal is to learn more about becoming Stony Brook CS students. The event was arranged by their CS teacher and SBU alum, Gerry Peppenella. 

The agenda for the day is below and 40 students and teachers are expected to attend. 

Location: Room 120, New CS building
10:00a-10:15a - CS Department Overview  (Samir Das and Leo Bachmair)
10:15a-10:45a - Admissions Process (Katie McFarland)
10:45a-11:15a - Prof Paul Fodor IBM Watson Quiz
11:30a-12:15p - Break for Pizza (WISE roundtable (Monica Bugallo and Aruna) 
12:15p-12:45p - Biomedical Informatics (Prof. Romeil Singh Sandhu)
12:45p - Building Tour and Wrap-Up (Christine Cesaria & Stony Brook Computing Society)

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Hillcrest High School Visit