On the Hunt for Jobs and Internships

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
Room 120, New Computer Science
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Professor Erez Zadok will offer students valuable advice when looking for a job! Attending is a must especially with the Job Fair scheduled for Feb. 7

Prof. Zadok's Abstract:
In this talk I’ll discuss how to secure the best jobs and internships for CS students, starting from what you do as soon as you start your studies here, all the way to graduation and beyond. I’ll describe the many do’s and dont’s of the process: how to prepare for interviews, how/when to interview, how to negotiate the best deals, ethical topics such as reneging, and more. This talk would be important to any new student and even experienced ones: after all, what’s the point of studying to be a great computer scientist if you cannot get the best job you deserve?

(Faculty advisers are also welcome to attend…). Plus, a week later is the CS/IT Job Fair

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On the Hunt for Jobs and Internships