Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 17:00 to 22:00
New Computer Science Room 120

Feeling the Finals Week blues? 
Come and celebrate the spirit of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, who dared to go "Far Beyond"

December 20, 2018. Just another Thursday? Nay we say. It's the perfect day to get your geek on! and come celebrate at the Lovelace and Babbage Social. The latest and coolest kid on the events calendar. 


Come on over to the shiny New Computer Science Building (NCS 120) on Engineering Drive for not one but two fun events. We promise a great scene and a whole lot of fun. Plus free food and Prizes.

First up, is a comprehensive Quiz of General Knowledge with a twist! We're calling it Analytical Engines as a polite nod to the Big Babbage. Unlike other Quiz gameshows, No rote memorization required. Use your common sense, ingenuity and guess work (or Chimps! as we like to call it, no disrespect to any members of the Pan family) to work out the answer. Your reward? Bragging rights as Quiz Lord for 2019, a personal halo that follows you everywhere and Fabulous Prizes. Our questions are well researched and promise to be quite thought provoking with plenty of Aha! moments and some Hmms! I knew that. Bonus points for the Ugliest Sweater and the wittiest retort. Pop Culture FTW. Stoked at how woke this is?

Next up is a moonshot. A whole different sort of awesomesauce and chill. We have an Open Mic and a battery of boss judges who are so good at what they do. Come talent show us what you got. Sing, Dance, Act, Mime, Wiggle your ears, Slam Poetry, Stand Up comedy, BeatBox, Stare into the void. Be real. You have 2 minutes to wow the judges and the audience and win Big Prizes. Come see if a new Star is Born.

And finally, the cherry on top. Free Dinner and Sweet music. Mark the date. Get your crew. End the Semester on the perfect high.

Bought to you by the one and only SBU GSO and some real enthu grad students in CS department. We are counting on your participation, enthusiasm and good vibes to make this event a quirky but real fixture on the social scene. Spread the word. In the words of Ringo Starr, "Peace and Love".

Contact: Anand Aiyer
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