Open House for Fall 2017 Admits

Friday, April 7, 2017 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Room 120, New Computer Science
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This event is an Open House for newly admitted grad students.

The purpose of the Open House is to acquaint you with the faculty, labs, and Stony Brook campus. During your visit, you will hear presentations from faculty about the department and our research. You will also meet with current graduate students, see the facilities and campus, and get a chance to find out the details about our program requirements, life at Stony Brook, and anything else that you may have questions about.

To begin the day, we will gather at the Hilton Garden Inn lobby between 8:45 and 9AM, and proceed as a group for a quick breakfast at the Student Activity Center (SAC). Most of the day will then be spent attending talks and meeting with the faculty and current graduate students. We will organize dinner and take you back to the hotel in the evening. Although you can arrive and/or leave on the day of the open house, we recommend that you arrive on the previous day (Thursday) and leave on the following day (Saturday).

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Open House for Fall 2017 Admits