Shutterstock DLS: The Art, Science, and Commerce of Image Search

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
Room 120, New Computer Science
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The Art, Science, and Commerce of Image Search.

Jon Oringer, founder, and CEO of Shutterstock.

This event will is available via livestream at:    (Use IE, Safari, or Firefox browsers)  It is also available via Facebook Live at the Stony Brook University Alumni Association FB page. 

This lecture will focus on the art, science, and commerce of image search, viewing computer vision and deep learning through a commercial lens



The image search problem is one of the biggest challenges Shutterstock faced since being founded in 2003 and the company needed to build a robust search mechanism that scaled. A system that allowed any customer to search through millions of images, quickly and find exactly the image they need.



The simplest way to do it was to ensure that every image a contributor uploaded was given a title, and tagged with words that described the image. Today the whole library of over 180 million images is cataloged in this way, however, there are multiple challenges with just using language. Jon will discuss and demo Shutterstock’s own advanced computer vision model and a few of the current and new tools that allow more accurate and specific searches at light-speed through the collection to find the perfect image to meet a customers’ requirements.  



@JonOringer: Jon founded Shutterstock in 2003 with thousands of his own digital photographs. A serial entrepreneur, he recognized the need for licensable images at an affordable cost and created the first global subscription image marketplace. Since then, Shutterstock has grown into a portfolio of brands serving businesses, marketing agencies and media organizations around the world with all the creative and editorial assets needed. Jon holds an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University and a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from The State University of New York at Stony Brook. In May 2017 he was made a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa).

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Kelly Dowling
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Shutterstock DLS: The Art, Science, and Commerce of Image Search