Undergrad Lecture: How IoT is shaping data-based product development & wearable tech

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 14:30 to 15:30
Room 120 (105 Seats)

<p>The Department of Computer Science is excited to welcome Joe Novelli to the Undergraduate Lecture Series on Nov. 29. How IoT is shaping data-based product development and wearable technology Bio: Joe Novelli is a 25 year veteran of the consumer electronics industry with a strong portfolio of successes in the planning, development, and management of products, software and services. Passionate about technology, innovation and ideation, Novelli has gained a reputation for creating successful new businesses and launching cutting edge product lines for top electronics companies. He has recently joined Cemtrex Inc. as Vice President of Cemtrex Advanced Technologies. In this role Novelli is leading the development and commercialization of proprietary and collaborative Internet of Things ("IoT") and Wearable electronics products. Prior to joining Cemtrex, Novelli was VP of Solutions Planning for Sony's Digital Paper Solutions division. Under his leadership, Sony developed and launched an advanced professional tablet called Digital Paper, offering a realistic paper-like interface for reading and annotation of documents. Novelli was also VP of Strategic Product Planning for Sony audio products, as well as VP of Wireless Platform in Sony's Digital Reading Business Division, where he developed Sony's flagship ebook reader and ebook service. Earlier in his career, Novelli was responsible for the product management of Sharp electronic organizer products and Aiwa portable audio products.</p>

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Min Um-Mandhyan
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Undergrad Lecture: How IoT is shaping data-based product development & wearable tech