Workflow Assisted Authoring Interfaces

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 11:30 to 12:30
NCS 120

My father is an (analog) artist with experiences in ceramics, sketching, oil painting, and water coloring. Unable to do any of these by myself, I aim to develop digital tools to help people author artistic content. I am curently a research scientist with Adobe, and have been a professor with the University of Hong Kong (2011 - now), a researcher with Microsoft Research (2005 - 2011), and a GPU architect with NVIDIA (2001-2005). I received my PhD degree from Stanford University in 2001.

Sketches, photos, models, and animations are major art forms and communication mediums, but can require significant expertise and efforts to create. To help author such digital content, we develop systems that record and analyze what users have done in the past to predict and automate what they would do in the future. These systems aim to improve output quality, reduce input labor, and remain user friendly. The core observation is that both the intermediate workflows and the final outputs are often repetitive, and thus predictable by algorithms. I will describe current works and suggest future directions on how user data can help their content creation, in digital sketching, photo retouching, hand-drawn animation, and 3D modeling.

CSE 600 Students will get credit for attending this lecture

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Arie E. Kaufman
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Workflow Assisted Authoring Interfaces