2011-Computer vision group publishes 7 papers


Computer vision group publishes 7 papers at this year’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Conference. The papers are:

  • Registration for 3D Surfaces with Large Deformations Using Quasi-Conformal Curvature Flow
    W. Zeng and X. Gu
  • Baby Talk: Understanding and Generating Image Descriptions 
    Girish Kulkarni, Visruth Premraj, Sagnik Dhar, Siming Li, Yejin Choi, Alexander C. Berg, Tamara L. Berg
  • High Level Describable Attributes for Predicting Aesthetics and Interestingness 
    Sagnik Dhar, Vicente Ordonez, Tamara L. Berg
  • Who are you with and where are you going? 
    Kota Yamaguchi, Alexander C. Berg, Luis Ortiz, Tamara L. Berg
  • Hierarchical Semantic Indexing for Large Scale Image Retrieval 
    Jia Deng, Alexander C. Berg, Fei-Fei Li
  • Intrinsic Dense 3D Surface Tracking 
    Zeng Y., Wang C., Wang Y., Gu X., Samaras D., Paragios N.
  • Illumination Estimation and Cast Shadow Detection through a Higher-order Graphical Model
    Panagopoulos A., Wang C., Samaras D., Paragios N., CVPR 2011