2013 Grant by the US ARMY Research Office in joint project with FIU


STONY BROOK, NY - March 11, 2013 

Associate Professor Radu Sion was awarded a $389k "Secure Provenance for Mobile Cloud Users" grant by the US ARMY Research Office in a joint project with Florida International University.

Defense, intelligence, and other government agencies are increasingly sharing diverse applications, data, and hardware platforms of varying degrees of mobility, as well as outsourcing their computation and data storage to cloud providers.

In these highly pervasive, mobile settings, the goal of this project is to address two critical challenges. The first challenge is to track data, its contexts and its changes, as it flows across multiple mobile and back-end systems and principals, for security and regulatory compliance (e.g., ensuring documents derived from classified data stay classified, or tracking the history of intelligence and other data used for decision-making). The second challenge is to enforce security policies uniformly across a large set of principals, compute environments, and applications.

The project will further the goal of the Army Research Office to provide authenticity, integrity and confidentiality assurances for mission-critical data accessed and reported on deployed mobile devices.