2015 IBM Fellowship for PhD Candidate Bhushan Jain


The highly competitive IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program, which honors exceptional PhD students from around the world, has selected Bhushan Jain for the second year in a row.

Jain, who is advised by Professor Donald Porter in the Operating System, Security, Concurrency and Architecture Research (OSCAR) Lab, is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

Jain’s academic interests include virtualization security, memory isolation, system security, trusted hardware, cloud security, and storage.

Intensely competitive, the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards Program honors exceptional PhD students with an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines and areas of study. This year awards were primarily given to students focusing on innovative technology that creates new business and social value, cognitive computing research, cloud and distributed computing technology and solutions, and fundamental science and technology.

Jain said he is currently “working on building a Linux container prototype to provide VM-like hardware based isolation to containers without sacrificing the container's efficiency with very low overheads.”

Dr. Porter nominated Jain because he is a hard-working PhD student who has already shown nice research results in systems security.

“Bhushan worked for several years at IBM before joining the Ph.D. program, has done 3 internships at IBM Research, and continues to collaborate with a team at T.J. Watson,” he said. “Bhushan's previous work includes improvements to the Linux setuid mechanism, as well as work on using virtual machine introspection to improve system security… Bhushan has made significant contributions to other projects.” Dr. Porter also said he is very optimistic about Jain’s future prospects as a researcher.

Jain said that he is honored to receive the IBM PhD Fellowship twice in a row. “Apart from the faith shown by the department and my advisor in me, I see this is an endorsement by IBM and my mentors at IBM for the research I do,” he said. Jain also added that he looks forward to collaborating with the IBM Research System Security Team. Learn more about Jain’s research and the OSCAR Lab.