Bronze Medal for Team SBU-PULSAR at NAIPC


The Department of Computer Science is thrilled to announce that our team, SBU-PULSAR, placed in the top ten at the . Receiving a Bronze Medal, the team from Stony Brook University consisted of CS graduate students Yuxuan ShuiYilun Chong, and Sumol Lodha

The North American Invitational Programming Contest (NAIPC) was an ICPC-style contest and it took place on April 16, 2016. SBU-PULSAR participated in the and was then invited to participate in the 2016 contest along with the top five teams from each region of North America. The contest had three divisions: 

  • NAIPC Invitational Division: Only teams from the top 5 schools from each of the 11 ICPC regions in North America were invited to participate in this division. 44 teams participated.
  • NAIPC Open Division (USA + Canada): This division was open to all North American teams. 125 teams participated.
  • NAIPC Open Division (Rest of the World): This division was open to teams outside North America. 28 teams participated.

The team from Stony Brook placed ninth with Harvard placing first and Stanford University in fifth place. The full results of the  show that teams that placed after Stony Brook include Carnegie Melon University, USC, UT Austin, NYU, Columbia, and Princeton. 

Congratulations to Yuxuan, Yilun, Sumol, and their team advisor Professor Rezaul Chowdhury