Department of Computer Science receives SUNY High Needs Program Award


Stony Brook, NY, June 12, 2013

Recently, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that Stony Brook University received $2.45M in funding for eight areas of study from the SUNY High Needs Program. Through this program, the Department of Computer Science received $331,000 in funding over the next three years to develop two undergraduate specializations in Computer Systems.

The Department will now create a specialization in Systems Software Development for undergraduate Computer Science (CSE) majors and another in Systems Administration for undergraduate Information Systems (ISE) majors.

Upon notification of the award Professor Rob Kelly, Associate Chair of the Computer Science Department, said, “These undergraduate specializations in Computer Science will produce graduates who not only possess the education required for careers in Information Technology and Computer Science, but also have specific skills in areas required by an expanding New York State workforce.“

Besides developing the curricula and new courses, the Department of Computer Science will also build a Computer Systems and Networking Laboratory to provide students with hands-on experience. A new faculty member with expertise in Computer Systems will join the Department specifically for delivering the curricula associated with these two specializations. Other Computer Science faculty will also teach courses in these two specializations. The new faculty member will also direct MS and PhD students in their research projects in Computer Systems, graduating several per year.

The undergraduate CSE specialization in Systems Software Development will train CSE majors to become systems software developers/programmers, while the new undergraduate ISE specialization in Systems Administration will prepare ISE majors for jobs as computer systems and network administrators.

Established in 1969, the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University is consistently ranked among the top research computer science departments in the nation and is the largest unit in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. As technology significantly impacts every aspect of our lives and plays a key role in every research discipline, the Department of Computer Science is poised for nationwide, interdisciplinary collaboration.